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Nhân viên pha chế - Bartender

5,000,000 - 7,000,000 vnd

Thương hiệu

East West Brewing Co.

Chức danh

Nhân viên pha chế - Bartender

Địa điểm

185, Lý Tự Trọng, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh


5,000,000 - 7,000,000 vnd

Cấp bậc

Kinh nghiệm

Thời gian

Morning shift: 10AM - 6PM Night shift: 4PM - 12AM; 5PM - 1AM

Ngôn ngữ

Tiếng Việt

Yêu cầu

- Knowledge of in mixing, garnishing and serving drinks - Attention to detail - Flexibility to work in shifts - Ability to keep the bar organized, stocked and clean - Relevant training certificate - Ability to comprehend and communicate in English

Mô tả

- Know well about the beer and other beverages in the menu - Pour beer, prepare the drink (alcohol or non-alcohol beverages) - Interact with guest on tap bar, take order and help service team - Ensure the draft system is set up properly and have enough CO2 - Make sure that the outside of glassware is clean and presentable to guests, have enough glassware for service - Prepare the fruit or the decoration for the drink - Ensure a clean and organized working/serving environment at all times - Make daily inventory of all alcohol bottles and monthly inventory of all bar items - Upsell and gross-sell products - Restock and replenish bar inventory and supplies - Comply with all food and beverage regulations

Điều Kiện và Phúc Lợi

• 13th salary • Service charge • Tips • Incentive • Employee of the month • Night shift allowance • Meal allowance • Health check-up yearly • Company trip yearly • Salary increase yearly • Uniform • Birthday gifts • Free parking


Việc làm tương tự gần East West Brewing Co.

683 m

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