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Sake Central Saigon

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59, Đông Du, Quận 1



Sake Central Saigon is situated on Dong Du at the very heart of Saigon’s downtown and within walking distance to the best restaurants, bars, hotels and shopping the city has to offer. This unique Concept is a celebration of Japanese culture through food and beverage, with a primary focus on sake. Created by an international team from Japan, Europe, and North America, the concept behind Sake Central is rooted in promoting the sake industry and Japanese culture on a global scale. Sake Central Saigon will follow from the successful launch of Sake Central in Hong Kong. Upon entry, the dim mood lighting sets a reverent tone as guests are faced with a huge wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling sake collection of back-lit bottles from breweries both small and large, from Japan and elsewhere. Curated by ‘sake samurai’ Elliot Faber, it’s clear the range has been carefully selected. It’s possible to buy a bottle of the fermented rice liquor and drink it at one of the tables in store, or grab a seat at the tasting bar. There, guests are treated to otsumami menu of small bites and there’s a range of sake ready to be tried by the glass, tokkuri (180ml carafe) or full bottle. The bar is formed of wooden boxes positioned inside a glass top counter, each filled with sake rice at various stages of polishing that are used to brew different styles of sake. Throughout the experience, guests have access to Mr. Faber’s expert team, giving a unique educational feel.


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