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Bunker Bed & Breakfast & Bar

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79/2/1 Phan Ke Binh

Bunker is a bed, breakfast, and bar. Inspired by the real, irreverent, and sometimes run-down neighborhood haunts of Chinatown, Los Angeles, where the Vietnamese founders grew up. Designed and branded to reflect not just the look, but the mood of such a space and time. The idea was to capture what an immigrant family would create in Los Angeles in the early 1990s, with no resources, no design sense, no Pinterest, no English skills, but a lot of love for food and the neighborhood where they make a living. While paying homage to that era, Bunker wanted to bring the quality of the food to today’s standards. Burgers are made using freshly baked buns from a local bakery. Hamburger patties and potatoes wedges are homemade and hand cut, respectively. Even the coffee is extracted from single-origin beans from Da Lat, Vietnam. Guests can book one of the rooms upstairs through Airbnb if they pass out from the food and drinks. Bunker is designed and owned by the lab.

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